Duration: 2 hours

Vehicle kept to Deep Clean Standard all year round

Bi Weekly or Monthly Option Available

Interior and Exterior Overhaul

Fraction of the price + Many Benefits

30% Off all other packages (Correction & Coatings)


From €70.00

*Package Available after booking for a minimum of a Deep Clean

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if i miss week or month?

If you miss a week every few months that is no problem, there may be a 10 - 20 euro up charge, no more, however missing 1 or more months consistently will require you to book in for a deep clean to further avail of the maintenance scheme.

What are the benefits of maintenance?

The maintenance scheme, offers many benefits mainly being the massive price deduction to 70 euro, and 30% off all bigger packages available too, all while being able to hold the value and look of your vehicle to its best.

Is it Contractual?

No you may leave at any time you wish if you find it is not for you or in your budget, however we are very open and honest and can most likely come to an agreement.

Deep Clean

Duration: 6 hours

Deep Exterior and Interior Detail of Vehicle

A Package for those who care about every detail

2 stage safe wash including wheels + door jams

Full interior shampoo of all fabrics

Steam clean of all leathers, plastics, vinyls and rubbers

Ozone treatment to diminish all odors and harmful bacteria

Tire & Alloy Sealant Applied

Scent Applied


From €140.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Deep Clean?

The deep clean ensures, 100% salt, grime tar and iron removal, a 2 stage safe wash, to prevent scratching, swirling or any defects to the paint. A full deep clean of all 4 wheels including the lug nuts, barrels and face. The Seats interior mats, carpet liner and headliner are steamed, shampooed and finally extracted to remove all bad odors and harmful bacteria. Leather, Plastics, Vinyl and Rubbers are also cleaned with commercial grade chemical and equipment and steam to showroom condition. Finally the interior is dressed with a non silicone UV protectant, and a scent is applied.

How do I know if I need a Deep Clean?

If its wheels caked in break dust, the bodywork covered in bugs and grime, or simply your interior covered in stains, dog hair or mold, consider reaching out to us, to have that new car feel again. We have just what you need. To us, Every Detail Counts. Call us at 0852200207 today!

Is the Deep Clean a Full Valet?

No, the deep clean is a much more in depth detail of both interior and exterior of the vehicle with nothing missed. This is not your standard 100 euro valet that gets it "good enough". A full thorough steam clean shampoo and extraction of all fabrics leather, vinyls and rubbers are carried out until factory finish.

Gloss Enhancement

Duration: 10 hours

Restores Faded Paint

Adds extreme depth and gloss

6 month entry level ceramic applied

Paintwork Protected from UV rays & Light scratches

Extreme Hydrophobic Beading


From €350

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my Entry level Ceramic Protection?

Yes, the ceramic spray included in this package, lasts roughly 4/6 months depending on condition and maintenance of vehicle. However please refer to Ceramic Coating for more information regarding pricing.

What can i expect with a standard correction?

The Standard correction is a 1 step correction which aims to remove 50- 60% of defects from the paintwork using a Medium Cutting Pad + Compound. This process will remove surface level defects, such as paint transfer, hand oils, light scratches and swirls.



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