Many modern car headlights are made from Polycarbonate, which is an extremely resilient plastic. To protect the lenses, manufacturers coat them with a UV protective film. Sadly, with natural elements, such as sunlight, the headlights oxidise slowly causing the headlights to become yellow and cloudy. It is common for headlights to become scratched and cracked over time essentially while driving on the roads. Over time, this can cause visual issues while driving.

The good news is our Professional Headlight Restoration Services can restore your headlights to crystal clear condition, improving light quality, and aesthetic appearance, and preventing any NCT failure.

If your headlights need restoration from wear and tear, we can fix them here at Valet Deluxe in Dublin. We will quickly and effectively restore your headlights to pristine condition.


Our Restoration Services

Here at Valet Deluxe in Dublin, our team is happy to restore your headlights with a quick and easy service. Our restoration service is affordable, and we will return your headlights to their original state. Your headlights will be perfectly visible again, no longer yellow and foggy, allowing you to drive safely again. If you are interested in our service or would like a free quote, please get in touch and one of our friendly team will get right back to you.


Why Book Headlight Restoration Service with Valet Deluxe?

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